SyncCell 2.2.2

Outlook synchronisation for Motorola mobiles

Experience for yourself why SyncCelltm is the only Motorola synchronization solution trusted by demanding business professionals!

Designed for business, SyncCelltm software provides a fast and simple way to sync your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts to your RAZR Motorola� Mobile Phone Datebook. Synchronize your phone with multiple Outlook folders or even with multiple computers.

With just one easy click, SyncCelltm Software places your meetings and appointments on your RAZR or other Motorola� cellular phone. Never be without your important information again!

Key features:


One easy click to Sync Microsoft� Outlook Calendar/Contacts to your Motorola Mobile Phone

Contact Manager

Edit / Create / Easily manage your contacts

Calendar Manager

Edit / Create / Easily manage your calendar, appointment, and datebook items

File Manager

Download Pictures / Videos. Upload Ringtones / Wallpaper


Use your phone as an internet modem to connect to the internet with your laptop or PC


Automatically Backup and archive a complete copy of your calendar and contact list


Retrieve archived backup files in part or in whole. If your phone breaks or is lost easily restore all of your important information

Email / Text Message

Send emails or text messages from your PC or laptop through your phone, to an email address or another phone



SyncCell 2.2.2